We are a Kristal Piksel award winning studio bringing you fun and immersive games since 2012.

Cem Buğra
Cem BuğraCo-founder and CEO
Cem does business development, marketing, finance and game design. His top three favorite games are World of Warcraft, Diablo II and TES Morrowind.
Ömer Kayış
Ömer KayışCo-founder and Chief Engineer
Ömer is responsible for the technical supervision of all engineering tasks at no-pact. He is a big fan of Souls series and fears the Old Blood.
Can Karakuzulu
Can KarakuzuluSoftware Engineer / Sound and Music Designer
nopact.can = { isSoftwareDeveloper : true, isSoundEngineer : true, isMusicComposer : true, isBalletDancer : false, likesGames : [ “Minecraft”, “KSP”, “Fallout”, “Halflife”, “TES” ], hobbies: [ “fitness”, “sketching”, “karaoke” ] }
Gökhan Çınar
Gökhan ÇınarGame Artist
Gökhan identifies himself as a virtual architect who loves to sketch things out. He’s obsessed with drawing weird monsters. Escape From the Monkey Island, Ultima Online and Worms: Armageddon are the games he liked a lot back in the old days.
Ebru Gümüştaş
Ebru GümüştaşGame Artist
Ebru is a game artist with a twist of product design background. She likes everything related to science fiction. Horror/stealth games are her favorite but she is too scared to play them so instead she became a fan of gaming streams.
Doğuşcan Öztürk
Doğuşcan ÖztürkJunior Game Programmer / Game Designer
Doğuş is a software developer and a passionate game designer. He loves games with fair competition and cooperation. His favorite games are World of Warcraft, FIFA, League of Legends.