We are a Kristal Piksel award winning studio bringing you fun and immersive games since 2012.

Cem Buğra
Cem BuğraCo-founder and CEO
Cem does business development, marketing, finance and game design. His top three favorite games are World of Warcraft, Diablo II and TES Morrowind.
Ömer Kayış
Ömer KayışCo-founder and Chief Engineer
Ömer is responsible for the technical supervision of all engineering tasks at no-pact. He is a big fan of Souls series and fears the Old Blood.
Can Karakuzulu
Can KarakuzuluSoftware Engineer / Sound and Music Designer
nopact.can = { isSoftwareDeveloper : true, isSoundEngineer : true, isMusicComposer : true, isBalletDancer : false, likesGames : [ “Minecraft”, “KSP”, “Fallout”, “Halflife”, “TES” ], hobbies: [ “fitness”, “sketching”, “karaoke” ] }
Gökhan Çınar
Gökhan ÇınarGame Artist
Gökhan identifies himself as a virtual architect who loves to sketch things out. He’s obsessed with drawing weird monsters. Escape From the Monkey Island, Ultima Online and Worms: Armageddon are the games he liked a lot back in the old days.
Ebru Gümüştaş
Ebru GümüştaşGame Artist
Ebru is a game artist with a twist of product design background. She likes everything related to science fiction. Horror/stealth games are her favorite but she is too scared to play them so instead she became a fan of gaming streams.
Doğuşcan Öztürk
Doğuşcan ÖztürkJunior Game Programmer / Game Designer
Doğuş is a software developer and a passionate game designer. He loves games with fair competition and cooperation. His favorite games are World of Warcraft, FIFA, League of Legends.
Ece Özgüle
Ece ÖzgüleGame Artist
Ece likes creating parallel universes, fantasy literature, cartoons and cats. Her favorite games are Portal and Oddworld but Pubg is her guilty pleasure.