We are a Kristal Piksel award winning studio bringing you fun and immersive games since 2012.

Cem Buğra
Cem BuğraCo-founder and CEO
Cem does business development, marketing, finance and game design. His top three favorite games are World of Warcraft, Diablo II and TES Morrowind.
Ömer Kayış
Ömer KayışCo-founder and Chief Engineer
Ömer is responsible for the technical supervision of all engineering tasks at no-pact. He is a big fan of Souls series and fears the Old Blood.
Can Karakuzulu
Can KarakuzuluSoftware Engineer / Sound and Music Designer
Can does mostly programming and some audio related stuff in no-pact. He prefers crafting, simulation and rpg games above others. He is a real space and crafting nerd and a crazy cat person.
Doğuşcan Öztürk
Doğuşcan ÖztürkGame Programmer / Game Designer
Doğuş is a software developer and a passionate game designer. He loves games with fair competition and cooperation. His favorite games are World of Warcraft, FIFA, League of Legends.
Kaan Karagülle
Kaan KaragülleGame Programmer / Game Designer
Kaan takes on the role of game developer and designer. He is an avid lover of many genres of games and music. He loves getting immersed in different adventures but also competing with others. Some of his favorite games are Dark Souls, Rocket League, Subnautica, Ys Series, Factorio.
Uğur Şeşen
Uğur ŞeşenGame Designer
Uğur is a game designer and completionist hardcore gamer. He likes to read sci-fi and history books. Uğur likes watching movies and series as much as his completionist side allows. He has no prejudice against any game so he tries to play as many as possible and tries to have an idea about them. Uğur’s favourite games at the moment are Dota 2, Sea of Thieves and PUBG.
Abdullah Çelikoğlu
Abdullah ÇelikoğluGame Artist / Game Designer
Abdullah is a complete anime lover. He always has his notes by his side and new ideas in his mind. His choice of art is realistic, story preference is fantastic. If we come to his game type preference, that is a bit complicated.
Günışığı Cihangir
Günışığı CihangirGame Artist / Game Designer
Günışığı is a game artist and designer. He likes to play story-driven games among others. Boss fights are the best moments of the games for him. His favourite games are Diablo2, Witcher3, Sekiro and Bioshock Infinite.